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Since the beginning of 2021 ROS Managementregie and ROMYN Recruitment collaborate together. This collaboration originated from the idea that the experise and years of experience of both organisations complement each other. Experience shows that recruitment questions are often accompanied by organisational questions. That makes sense.

When you want to make changes to your team, it often askes for a new game plan. It is also the othe way round. If you want to change the game, you probably need to add another kind of player to your team. This is the case in every team sport and, if you ask us, in every organisation.

By collaborating as ROS Managementregie and ROMYN Recrutiment, we can help organisations both with personnel composition and the way in which the organisation works best. Our experienced consultants can advise you how to get the focus (back) in your organisation, on financing or on creating value for your organisation.

We are here for the big leaps forward, like mergers and acquisition, and we are here for you when things are not going well: for example in the case of reorganisations or corporate recovery. We can also find you the best professionals, from starters to interim professionals and senior management and board level to make all those changes permanent.

No half measures, if you work with Ros and ROMYN. On the contrary, precisely because of our collaboration, shared vision and values and integral solutions, we can really help you on the way forward.

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