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Purposeful Business For Employers

Many organisations seek ways to make their ventures more purposeful and sustainable.  The question is how can you implement this?  How can this be communicated internally and externally?  We will work together with you to find a solution.  We challenge you, like us, to make a contribution to society.  This can be done in various ways.

Do not give to get. Give to inspire others to give.

– Simon Sinek –

Ways To Make A Difference

We make a distinction between either purposeful and/or sustainable methods and give you advice on:

* Volunteer work carried
out by you and your employees
* Organising a sponsor event
* Donating resources or money
* Offering the use of your expertise
* Looking at the sustainability of your organisation

There are many ways to establish
a successful workplace in
the purpose economy. You and your staff could undertake the challenge  to a organise a local, regional, national or
even international event where proceeds benefit a social purpose. You could
take positive steps towards becoming a more environmentally aware and
eco-friendly company.  Perhaps you could
encourage your staff to donate some or all of their Christmas bonus to a local
food bank.  Or, very simply, make an
annual donation to a charity of your choice.

Employer brand
Contributing to society improves
your employer brand thus making you more interesting as an employer. By taking
the step to become more sustainable and give your business more purpose, you
create a win-win situation. Your image in the (labour) market becomes more
powerful. Your employees will feel more involved with your organisation. But, more
importantly, your organisation becomes a purposeful place to work. You make a difference!
We can advise you in internal and external communication around creating a business with purpose.

Inspired by the above?  We have also transformed our passion and expertise for connecting people in a purposeful way. How? To read more about how we made our organisation’s values more sustainable and tailored to a purpose economy click here.

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