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What is a HR & Recruitment professional?

HR & Recruitment are areas where people are central. As a HR and/or Recruitment professional you are a peoples person. You are interested in the people around you and you realize that the employees of an organization are of great importance. What you call yourself? That is less relevant for us. We are interested in your knowledge, expertise and empathy. We want to talk to you about your vision on HR and/or Recruitment. We want to connect that personal vision with the various clients in our network. ROMYN Recruitment (formerly known as Wallerbosch Recruitment & Advice) has more than 15 years of experience in mediation of HR and Recruitment professionals in both temporary and permanent positions.

Visit our job page to see the current vacancies for the job titles within the focus of HR & RECRUITMENT PROFESSIONALS:

HR advisor – HR employee – Recruiter – Recruitment advisor – Learning & Development advisor/officer – Compensation & benefits employee – Recruitment assistant – HR assistant – Job market communication specialist – HR business partner – HR administrator.