About us

About us

Our organisational values are personal, transparant, results-oriented and purposeful. In our services personal contact is central. We are transparant in our prices and method. Our goal is to succesfully match clients and professionals. All this in a meaningful way.


Marleen Wallerbosch

The driving force behind ROMYN Recruitment is Marleen Wallerbosch (1981). Characteristic for Marleen is her personal approach, drive, openness and energy. She has knowledge of various industries.

Director & Recruitment and Organisational advisor
Telephone number: 06 49271220
E-mail: marleen.wallerbosch@romynrecruitment.nl


Harmke Bons

Harmke Bons (1988) has been employed as Office Manager at ROMYN Recruitment since the end of 2019. Characteristic for Harmke is her eye for detail, down-to-earth attitude and broad interest.

Office Manager
Telephone number: 06 82849886
E-mail: harmke.bons@romynrecruitment.nl


Eva Kamers

Eva Kamers (1996) started as a Junior Recruitment & Organisation Advisor on February 1st. Characteristic of Eva is her eye for people and that she likes to dig deeper into someone's motives.

Recruitment and Organisational advisor
Telephone number: 06 30530161
E-mail: eva.kamers@romynrecruitment.nl


Elisabeth Mook

Elisabeth Mook (1981) has been employed as a senior recruitment & organisational advisor at ROMYN since February 1st 2021. Characteristic for Elisabeth is her positivity, infectious enthusiasm, entrepreneurship and perseverance.

Recruitment and Organisational advisor
Telephone number: 06 10982610
E-mail: elisabeth.mook@romynrecruitment.nl


Mark Geessink

Mark Geessink, founder of ROS Managementregie, knows better than anyone what it is like to roll up your sleeves to make a difference at a company. Characteristic for Mark is his businesslike and down-to-earth approach.

Advisor Executive Search
Telephone number: 0653466383
E-mail: m.geessink@ros-regie.nl